Capes and Capers – Gallery of Genres

Sophie (Library cat) gives us the overview of the superhero fantasy genre, and some different ways to define it. She also explains how most YA novels could actually be considered a superhero fantasy through one definition.

Mission Echo – Q&A #1

Join us with Harpley, Luna, and Rachel from our episodes 1, 3, & 4 for an exciting Q&A. It may not be what you expected, so get ready for a crazy adventure!

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A Year’s Review of Write On Cue – Episode 13

In this wrap-up episode of 2021, we bring back the guest from our first episode (Harpley) to interview us, the hosts (Trie and Alyssa). This episode focuses on ourselves as hosts, what we’ve learned in this first year with the podcast, what it’s like having a podcast, and we even reveal some secret plans for 2022!