Mission Echo – Q&A #1

Join us with Harpley, Luna, and Rachel from our episodes 1, 3, & 4 for an exciting Q&A. It may not be what you expected, so get ready for a crazy adventure!

Created on By Trie

Mission Echo

Here's a fun quiz to see how close you were paying attention during the Q&A!

WARNING: Contains spoilers. Do not attempt until you have finished listening to the episode.

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Starbunny was trying to draw on a computer screen with a green marker.

2 / 5

The name of the villain was:

3 / 5

Which crystal is Starbunny behind?

4 / 5

Toothless wanted to know where to find dragon sized office supplies.

5 / 5

Which one defeated Mrs. Dreary?

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The average score is 100%


A Year’s Review of Write On Cue – Episode 13

In this wrap-up episode of 2021, we bring back the guest from our first episode (Harpley) to interview us, the hosts (Trie and Alyssa). This episode focuses on ourselves as hosts, what we’ve learned in this first year with the podcast, what it’s like having a podcast, and we even reveal some secret plans for 2022!